Consulting solutions, support and advice for the food and beverage industry

Whatever your role in the F&B industry, be it a producer, processor, importer or retailer, you can be sure of one thing: You are in for exciting times!

At Clatu, we understand the complexity of the new challenges facing businesses. And we also know that customers, not markets, buy your products. A sustainable customer relationship is the most important building block for differentiation from the competition and for your long-term success. With largely saturated markets and enormous price pressure in food retailing on the one hand, and due to time pressure, capacity bottlenecks, lack of staff or

a lack of know-how in your own company on the other, there is a lot of potential for business development that falls by the wayside. This is exactly where our experts come in and support you in expanding your business. Especially when pragmatic and successful answers are sought very quickly or expert knowledge is lacking.

We at Clatu and our affiliated consultancy → FOOD AND WINE CULTURE have an extensive success story in almost all F&B topics. Wherever supplementary ideas are required that go beyond classic management consulting, we look for flexible, efficient and valuable answers – solutions , in fact.


Where we help and how

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When it comes to food & beverage, trade, import/export of food, wine, beverages, catering and HoReCa, hardly any consultancy in Germany, Austria or Switzerland is as well positioned and specialized as we are. With a deep industry understanding, we can offer you the entire spectrum of contemporary advice. This specialization sharpens the focus and sets us apart.

30 consultants from → our team of experts are ready to answer specific questions. We create modern multi-channel strategies, precise communication and innovative solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements.

We help you to identify trends and market developments so that you can reach your target groups effectively.

A well-founded market study (market & consumer research) provides you with the insights into your products, your target group and your competitors that you absolutely need in order to be able to make sound (better) strategic decisions. Market studies have also proven their worth during an investor pitch or as a supplement to a business plan. Our market analyses are flanked by statistical consumer data, price overviews, consumer wishes, market screening, statistics, market entry barriers, regional or country comparisons, expert interviews, SWOT analyses, mystery shopping, a picture documentation and a final presentation of the results with a concrete and pragmatically implementable recommendation for action.

We create bespoke studies and insight in the following areas:

  • Brand and communication
  • Customer approach & segmentation
  • Product range design, market and opportunities
  • Product, offer and pricing
  • Company growth, expansion at home and abroad
  • Innovation and thought leadership

Expand your geographic presence and enter new markets with an experienced sales team in the food and beverage industry.

As a rule, management consultants do not handle any acquisition, field service or sales calls. This is where Clatu Solutions takes over. We call promising leads, address potential customers or conduct initial discussions including product presentations for the purpose of test listings. Alternatively, we can also support you in setting up a regional sales team or field service; this has proven particularly useful for start-ups or producers from abroad who do not yet have their own sales department in the D-A-CH region. In addition, we regularly check the work and progress of all salespeople and thus ensure timely success controlling.

Companies move in a complex environment that is always in motion. Last but not least, communication in all forms of organization is the decisive success factor for successful changes. But finding the right approach for the right target group is not always easy. In this case, it could be useful to work with our communication experts in order to develop the necessary strategies in workshops and team discussions. Examples of use:

  • External corporate communications
  • Leadership / positive team communication internally
  • Change management/ organizational development
  • Project management / project communication

At the → Clatu Academy, we conduct workshops and seminars, offer performance coaching and corporate training, train junior staff, hold keynotes and lectures and thus support you in the implementation of your communication strategy.

Are you looking for a unique keynote that will motivate your employees and inspire your customers?

Clatu founder Cyrus Schultz takes up the topic of your respective event. The experienced speaker and TEDx speaker talks about current topics that move the industry: about culinary developments, future challenges such as population growth and limited resources, food trends, organic agriculture or responsibility in food production and consumption. But also about global developments and international trade, about long-term trends, current sustainability issues or about technical aspects such as digitization in agriculture. → Here you can find a complete overview of all formats and lecture topics .

We develop corporate identity, corporate design, employer branding and corporate communication 

Our world is becoming increasingly digital, which means that old marketing strategies are continuously losing their effectiveness. The information behavior of your customers, changing values ​​and digital technologies require new marketing approaches. Our strategy consultants at FOOD AND WINE CULTURE support you in making the right decisions for your product presentation, identify the sustainability potential of your brand and provide you with the knowledge, know-how and tools you need for a coordinated overall concept and need a comprehensive understanding of the customer.

But what if you also need help with the practical implementation? Not every company has its own advertising department. There are many external copywriters or graphic designers, but it is not uncommon for these to be fully booked for weeks or months. Clatu Solutions develops and implements communication strategies for small and medium-sized companies and works with a well-rehearsed team of concept developers, graphic artists, designers, copywriters, search engine optimizers, programmers and printers who can get started for you immediately.

Are you expanding into other markets? With us, entering the F&B retail market becomes a model for success!

While our team at → FOOD AND WINE CULTURE  provides strategic, sales and business advice for your international business, there is a whole range of additional tasks that do not belong to classic consulting work. Talk to us if you need help with any of the following:

  • technical translations
  • Verification and processing of customs documents
  • Processing of export and import documentation
  • Certificates and Permits
  • Comprehensive documentation and explanation of the various official import regulations and requirements for food: IFS, HACCP, BRC, ISO 22000 or FSSC 22000
  • Supplementary documentation on organic seals, halal certificates, fair trade certificates, Bioland or Demeter seals
  • Food analysis, certification and specification management for the food retail industry
  • Production and printing of special security labels (tamper proof, track & trace) and seals
  • Support for specifications and regulations for wine labels according to EU 2021/2117, 1169/2011 and 1308/2013a

Your sovereign appearance at foreign trade fairs, shows and conferences

Are you satisfied with your success at trade shows abroad? Do you think that as an exhibitor without any knowledge of German or any European language you can reach all potential customers? Far from it. If you disregard local customs when exhibiting at a fair, you often find yourself alone at your own booth. Economic globalisation continues unabated and presents internationally active companies with new challenges. Because within a global economy, cultural influences on international marketing are becoming more and more relevant.  Language barriers, cultural peculiarities and other intercultural aspects can quickly become weighty barriers to entry in new target markets. This starts with welcoming visitors in the local language and does not end with the design and translation of information material or brochures.

Get support from our key account managers and international F&B specialists! Benefit from our experience, knowledge and personality to make your trade fair presentation in Germany a success. We represent your company fluently in German, English, French, Spanish or Italian. We are confident in dealing with managing directors, board members and C-level executives. Bookable from 2 to a maximum of 4 trade fair days.

We are also happy to take care of the important follow-up work. We call your new leads and contacts promptly, turn them into interested parties, then you take over the contact. While you focus on your core business, we take care of deepening your trade fair contacts.

 (Note: Clatu Solutions does not arrange trade fair hostesses, reception and promotion staff or stand personnel for set-up or cleaning). 

We offer many other services and support for start-up companies and entrepreneurs . Click here for the Clatu STARTUP website


The Clatu Group is a European consulting and coaching network, headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany. At → FOOD AND WINE CULTURE, our focus is one hundred percent on food and beverage; our services cover every aspect of hospitality, gastronomy, catering, organic farming, production, food retail, branding, import and export. The following links will take you to the respective divisions:

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